Work With Me

Session Durations

Choose from the following delivery formats to suit your team’s requirements:

  • 1-2 hour taster seminars
  • 3-4 hour half-day workshops
  • 5-6 hour full day workshops
  • 4, 6 or 8-week courses


Course Topics

Choose from the following topics, or get in touch to request your own:

  1. NEW! Coping Through COVID – A Personal and Professional Toolkit
    •  A tailored five step process to deal with the challenging thoughts and emotions associated with this pandemic;
    • Specifically created based on the scientific findings of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.
    • Practical actions that can be taken to boost productivity and mood during this time;
    • Understanding the path that our emotions typically take, and the psychology behind this;
    • Boosting resilience and overcoming overwhelm to take back the control.                 


  1. Introduction to Mindful Self Awareness

    (also included as a foundation for the other sessions below):

    • Exploration of what mindfulness is (and is not!) and a review of the science behind it;
    • Practical ways to incorporate it into daily life;
    • Application of essential skills to personal and professional settings;
    • Breaking habits of a lifetime – how to make self awareness the “new normal.”       


  1. The Art of Bouncing Back
    • What resilience is, and why it’s so vital;
    • The effect of low resilience on our professional and personal lives;
    • How to begin to develop resilience; relationships, goal setting and positive psychology;
    • How resilience determines performance and impacts progress.                                   


  1. The Mindful Leader
    • An explorative course for managers and high-level employees;
    • Key leadership attributes, and the challenges associated with developing them;
    • Leading by example – the positive effects of good leadership;
    • Self awareness as the foundation for becoming an inspiring leader.                           


  1. The Stress and Burnout Toolkit
    • The physiology and psychology of stress
    • Identifying the key causes of stress in our lives;
    • How to recognise and address stress before it becomes chronic and leads to burnout;
    • The benefits of stress at the right time and in the right amounts, and how to use this to our advantage.                                                                                                                         


**Other options include communication, team-building and full eight-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction courses.**