About Michelle

Dr Michelle O’Driscoll BPharm MPharm MPSI MTAI PhD
Hello and welcome!
My name is Michelle, and I’m passionate about providing interactive, evidence-based health and wellness education for you and your team!
Are you:
  • Tired of feeling over-stretched and under-fulfilled?
  • Want to boost team morale and support their wellbeing in these challenging times?
  • Need to get those stress levels under control?
After working with me, you’ll have acquired vital tools to be able to flourish personally and professionally, as well as an ability to bounce back from challenging situations. And this year we’ve all encountered plenty of those!
My own background is in healthcare; I qualified as a pharmacist in 2012, and witnessed first-hand while working in community pharmacy the prevalence of mental health issues. I also personally began to really appreciate the importance of self-care and good mindset practices for maintaining productivity, preventing burnout and keeping anxiety at bay in busy working environments.
I was fascinated by the science behind the techniques that we can apply to help us to overcome overwhelm and live happier lives (and had really experienced the benefits myself), so my PhD research investigated this further. The findings have been published in academic journals and presented at international conferences.
Currently, I lecture Pharmacy Practice in University College Cork, while also working with academic and corporate teams like yours to support their employees’ wellbeing. My Professional Diploma in the Teaching of Mindfulness-Based Interventions allows me to create engaging, thought-provoking courses for all. I also write about a range of health and wellness topics in my weekly column in The Echo’s Women on Wednesday supplement.
So if you want to learn how to…
  • take charge of your physical and mental health,
  • implement small changes for a big effect, and
  • find that balance between peace and purpose
then get in touch!
What is it that your team needs?
How can I help?
Looking forward to hearing from you!
All the best,